FAW Fair Play Day 

The FAW is continuing to promote the Fair Play initiative by organising the ‘FAW Fair Play Day’ for the Huws Gray Alliance League clubs on Friday, 10th August 2018, Saturday, 11th August 2018 & Sunday, 12th August 2018.

On this weekend the FAW will be promoting the FAW Fair Play and Off the Pitch campaigns. On the day, both teams, as well as the match officials will be wearing patches with the FAW Fair Play logos on them and participating in the FAW Fair Play hand-shake to promote the Fair Play message. Each club has been given their own FAW Fair Play banner that will be displayed in the ground to further promote the message.  They hope that our club, as well as you as supporters will embrace the Fair Play message and continue the good work our clubs have already done over past seasons.

The FAW Fair Play Code aims to raise the profile of the Fair Play message by inspiring players, clubs, officials and supporters to maintain good on-field discipline including abiding by the Laws of the Game, respecting opponents, referees and promoting the interests of football. To encourage good behaviour, the FAW will periodically publish Disciplinary Tables for each of the Directly-Affiliated Leagues via a dedicated page on the FAW website. Those topping each table at the end of the season are awarded a Fair Play Award and a prize of £1000 to be spent on improving facilities at your club. Previous winners of the Award have invested the money on an upgrade to dressing rooms, new equipment such as balls, bibs, kit and improving the pitch.

The FAW Off the Pitch campaign is also represented on the day and aims to educate all of their stakeholders including clubs and players with regards best practice when using social media. Off the Pitch is also here to remind stakeholders how comments made via social media can reflect on ones club or competition that they participate in and therefore, offers advice to players and club officials such as treating others with respect. Be in the right state of mind when posting and to generally act responsibly when using all forms of social media.

The Off the Pitch campaign is unique amongst National Associations within Europe and has been utilised as evidence of best practice with regards promoting the positive usage of social media by UEFA. The FAW social media team look forward to continuing to work together with all its stakeholders over the coming seasons.

For more information on the FAW Fair Play Award and Off the Pitch initiatives, please visit the Discipline section of the FAW website:

Fair Play

Social Media Advice