Buckley Town Football Club is pleased to support Theatr Clwyd’s Rainbow Shoebox Appeal.

In an attempt to not only contribute towards a great cause, we will also act as a drop-off point for the residents of Buckley, before delivering all collected Shoeboxes to Theatr Clwyd.

Volunteers will be available to accept drop-offs on Wednesday 13th May, and anyone wishing to drop-off can do so between 15:00 and 19:00.  Please observe all social distancing measures in place when arriving at The Globe, our volunteers will be on hand to support this process through the implementation of a one-way system and floor spacers clearly visible.

We do have a relatively large car park on-site, however, we would encourage everyone who wishes to contribute to visit The Globe without driving, where possible, in order to reduce associated road traffic and maybe incorporate into a period of exercise!

How can I get started?

You need a shoebox (or a box that’s shoe sized!) – it needs to have a lid (so things don’t fall out) and it can be beautiful and personalized or just nice and simple.

Add your own message of support or inspiration.

Things you might add:

  • Treats and/or healthy snacks – sweets, crisps, chocolate, raisins, fruit bars, etc…
    (Please make sure everything’s in date and in original packaging!)
  • Toys and games – they can be new or second-hand (but need all the parts!)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Books, comics, magazines or DVDs
  • Seeds and (little) plant pots

Add an age tag to the box (so it goes to the right age of child!)

Don’t seal the box so that we can do one last double-check before they’re sent out!

How do I make sure the box is safe?

Wash your hands before you put together your shoebox

Clean items where appropriate with anti-bacterial wipes if you have these available. Once you’ve made it then reduce contact with it until you need to drop it off!

How to find us?

Buckley Town Football Club

The Globe
Off Liverpool Road

Want Further Information?

Please visit: theatrclwyd.com/event/rainbow-shoebox-appeal