This week it is the turn of the most experienced member of the squad in the Q&A as Chris Roberts looks back over his career, assesses where we are now, and has one eye on the future.

Q: Best footballing memory and why?

A: It has to be probably most footballers dream, playing in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa Leagues. Amazing experiences which I’ll never forget.

Q: You’ve been with the Club before, both recently and during the early 2000s, how do you see things going for the Club at present?

A: The club is going in the right direction both on and off the field, which is great to see. Dan has great values and ideas which I believe has helped and will continue to help the club and the community going forward.

Q: Best memory from BTFC history?

A: I’d have to say winning, I think it was League Cup at The Racecourse. I was only a young pup back then. It went down to penalties and thankfully I scored.

Q: Before the unexpected break how did you think the season was going?

A: It’s been quite tough. I’ve struggled a lot with injuries this year which has made it hard knowing I can’t have an input. But I think we would have finished strong and been safe as I know the lads would pull through. The morale and banter are always good which helps massively.

Q: Who are your favourite footballers and why?

A: Has to be Zidane, he had absolutely everything and was a winner.

Q: Best player you have played with or against?

A: Played against Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Ravel Morrison, and Danny Drinkwater who were on another level. Also, Ross Barkley was very good when I played against him.

Q: Best goal you have scored for Buckley?

A: Has to be Airbus away last year from my own half…and yes I did mean it.

chris-and-evan-robertsQ: Any superstitions before a game?

A: Not really one for superstition but I always make sure I go the toilet before going out on the pitch.

Q: Who would you say is the most intelligent player at the club and why?

A: I’m yet to see any intelligence, to be honest!

Q: Who would you say is the least intelligent player at the club?

A: Possibly a toss-up between Bliz (Luke Blizard) and Tins (Shaun Tinsley) I reckon.

Q: What do you like to do when not playing for BTFC?

A: Spend as much time with my family as possible.

Q: You’re arguably the most experienced member of the squad, do you have any plans of taking a step into coaching when the time comes?

A: I already help coach the under 7s which is the age group my son plays in. In the very near future I’ll start on my C Certificate then hopefully move up and along the coaching path.

A message for the fans?

Thanks for all the support you give the club and lads, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep supporting us I believe exciting times are just around the corner.