This week’s Q&A is from the ‘Gaffer’ Dan Moore who remembers the past both as a supporter and player, looks at the present and gives us an insight into the future of the club.

Q: So, three years.  What do you think you have achieved in those three years?

On the pitch, we have implemented a level of professionalism which we believe has helped us achieve promotion a couple of years ago and consolidation in terms of a mid-table finish last season.  I believe we would have achieved a similar finish this season if we were to carry on, we’ll have to see what happens with that.

We have introduced an Under 19 age group which provides our Under 16 boys with a further development opportunity, and for the first time, we have an attainable route into open age football.

Q: What do you want to achieve next with BTFC?

Success comes in a number of forms for me. Of course, we are focussed on improving our league position and it might sound boring, but ‘to win the next game’ is always our focus.

Away from this, it is vital that we continue to work hard to offer players throughout the club with the best possible experience and create an environment which allows them to achieve their potential, as a Club we are responsible for the development and progress of in excess of 400 players, so it’s a big but worthwhile job!

Q: What are your longer-term ambitions?

To qualify for European football competitions.

Q: You were a supporter before being a player then manager. What was your favourite memory from that time?

I don’t have one specific memory that stands out, I used to come to the games with my grandad most of the time and the overriding feeling I have looking back is just one of enjoyment.

The club was going through a period of success on the grass, winning the Cymru Alliance and cup competitions.

I do have memories that are clearer than others though, I remember seeing Alan Edwards get sent off against Lex about 5 minutes after coming on as a sub!

Q: Who is your all-time favourite Buckley player and why?

That’s a tough question, there’s a number of players who I used to love watching as a kid.

This might raise a few eyebrows, but more recently I would say that Lewis Hone.  I have found myself babysitting him on a number of occasions and he has caused me a number of headaches, such as threatening to leave when he gets dropped.

But when you ignore the endless needless bookings, he’s actually not too bad when he does what he’s told (head it & kick it).

Then on top of that, he has immersed himself in our Community Club ethos, he helped out for weeks with Huddle, helps out with ground maintenance (even when badly hungover), I guess the downside to this is he thinks he’s some sort of Buckley celebrity.

Q: Of the current group of players, who stands out both on and off the field?

Dylan Roberts.  Gives everything in training, games, and on a night out!

Q: Who has been your best signing for the club?

Most of the players that we have had with us over the three years have been very good for us.

If I was pressed on it and taking everything into consideration I would say that Tony Jones (Trout) was the perfect signing, he came in just as we started a crazy run of fixtures in the 17/18 season, and his experience was invaluable in helping our young team over the line as we won promotion.

Q: What aspect of the game do you get most excited about?


Q: Do you intend to continue along the coaching pathway and become more qualified as a coach?

Yes, I’ve held the B Licence for three or four years now and I’ve been coaching for 15 years, I’d like to continue to gain further qualifications for sure.

I do learn a lot by reading, listening and simply watching every game I can get to in the Cymru Premier, Cymru North, and sometimes the National League in England when I can, much to Aimee’s annoyance.

A message to the fans.

It’s been amazing to see our attendances gradually grow over the past three years, I look forward to seeing you and more return to The Globe when we are able to!