This week we speak to the captain Joe Makaruk who first played for the club way back when he was just 16. He is now one of the elder statesman and the leader of the group, still one of the best goalkeepers in the league and one that many at this level would like to pry away. Many have tried but Joe has always remained loyal. Our gain their loss.

Q. Best footballing memory and why?

A. Man Utd winning the champions league final back in 99. It’s probably the first footballing memory I have.

Q. How does the club compare to when you first made the step up as a teenager?

A. The club has a totally different atmosphere these days. A lot more community based and just a nicer place to be.

Q. Best memory from BTFC history?

A. Has to be winning the Welsh National League, it was a great year to be part of the club. It was the first time that the club has actually felt part of the community and was amazing seeing so many supporting us throughout the season.

Q. Before the unexpected break how did you think the season was going?

A. We struggled at first, think we all underestimated how hard the league is after staying in it quite comfortably the previous year. Then just as we started to get a good bit of form together, the pandemic struck. Hopefully the season will continue and we will be able to finish strong.

Q. Who are your favourite footballers and why?

A. Schmeichel, I always remember being an incredible keeper and being amazing in Coronation Street. Always loved Barthez for some reason. Paul Scholes he would still get in most teams now.

Q. Best player you have played with or against?

A. There’s a few players at the club now which would be there for the best I’ve played with. The best against is Gary Taylor-Fletcher, it was like he was wearing rollerblades.

Q. Best save you have made?

A. My memory is dreadful I can finish a game and not remember the first half.

Q. Any superstitions before a game?

A. Nothing comes to mind, I’m not the most superstitious.

Q.  Who would you say is the most intelligent person at the club and why?

A. We’re not the brightest group. Alan Edwards maybe, he wears glasses.

Q.  Who would you say is the least intelligent person at the club and why?

A. Depends on how you define intelligence. Luke Blizard has zero common sense and Mozza (Jake Davies) hasn’t got a brain but can tell a great story.

Q. What do you like to do when not playing for BTFC?

A. Not much really between work and football it takes up most of my time.

Q. Luke Blizard recently told us you keep him in check! How do you do this?

A. As we have all found out, if you shout at Luke he starts crying, so you just need to tell him straight (not too loud as he might think you don’t like him), then he gets it.

A message for the supporters.

The support we’ve had over the last couple of seasons has been incredible. Home/away, rain or shine there’s always support for us and I know the whole team is grateful. Hope to see you when the season resumes!