We catch up with defender Luke Douglas for a Q&A as he has been on the injured list all season to find out where he is at in his rehabilitation and when we are likely to see him back playing as boy have we missed him.

Q: Firstly, how are you getting on with your ACL injury recovery?

A: Recovery is going well, but a lot harder than I anticipated. When you take into account full time work. You see all these pros who suffer with the injury and they’re back within 9 months, but that’s with expert help and 24/7 rehab. More mentally draining than physically.

Q: Is it true that your injury came as a result of a poor first touch?

A: Fake news. Was a last ditch interception. The striker would have been through on goal. I put my life on the line to keep a clean sheet.

Q: How have you found not playing this season?

A: It’s been hard not being able to play. Haven’t missed a football season since I started playing. That Saturday morning feeling and the pint after the game isn’t the same when you haven’t played.

Q: How have you found your time at the club this far? You seem to have become a well liked squad member!

A: From joining, you can’t help but fall in love with the club. Management, players, committee. Everything second to none. Couldn’t find a single person who would say different.

Q: You have played for a number of high profile clubs in Wales, how does your experience at Buckley Town compare?

A: I think enjoyment it key and that was one of my main priorities throughout football. Now living local and having close mates at the club, it’s more than just the football. It’s everything else that goes with it.

Q: How do you see the remainder of this year going in terms of football, will we see you back to help complete the season, if and when that happens?

A: Who knows what’s happening with the league this season? May be a huge ask to be back by August time. But going to keep working hard and hopefully back at it by the turn of the year.

Q: Watching from the side lines, which of our players has impressed you most this season?

A: Regular contenders, lads who have been at the club since day one in this current group are continuing to step up. Impressed with the lads at the back, with a lot of injuries (myself, Dylan, Chris, etc) and a few outgoings, it’s always hard to adapt, but the likes of Herm (Rhys Hewitt), Bliz (Luke Blizard), and Hibbo (Chris Hibbert) have held it steady.

Q: Do you have any playing advice for our young players at the Club?

A: Work hard, stay fit, enjoy every single game, training session, meeting, night out, the lot. Then you can’t go far wrong.