This week in our Q&A we speak to one of the elder statesmen Phill Molyneux in his fourth spell at the club, who having first signed back in 2009, has returned on numerous occasions.

Q Best footballing memory and why?

I have a few good memories over the years, I really enjoyed playing in a few tournaments in France with Chester City as a youth player, I was lucky enough to go twice.

Q You’re in your fourth stint with the club, how have things changed since your first?

It’s changed quite a lot, it’s a pleasure to say we are now a community-based club and we have a full pathway from the juniors all the way to the seniors. We’ve already seen some 16s and 19s be selected for the senior squad, I’m sure this will become more frequent in the years to come.

Q Best memory from BTFC history?

Winning the NEWFA Challenge Cup.

Q Before the unexpected break how did you think the season was going?

We were just finding our form and confidence after an inconsistent start, I’m sure we will pick up where we left off and push on with a run of good results.

Q Who are your favourite footballers and why?

When I was younger I enjoyed watching Paul Scholes, he was always so effective with the ball and had a screamer in his locker.

Currently a fan and enjoy watching Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s on another level.

Q Best player you have played with or against?

Played with Gaz Owen, he made the game look so easy. Everything he did was simple and effective.

Q Best goal you have scored?

I’ve scored a few decent goals that could be up there but the best for Buckley I’d say is the one I scored against Gresford from the halfway line, it makes it a little sweeter being against one of my good mates Ben Jones. 

Q Any superstitions before a game?

Nothing that really comes to mind.

Q Who would you say is the most intelligent person at the club and why?

To be honest I’ve been very impressed with the management team, their work ethic, knowledge, and enthusiasm for us to do well as a squad has been fantastic.

Q Who would you say is the least intelligent person at the club and why?

We have a few lads that struggle with simple instructions and don’t seem to understand, I worry for them in life haha.

Q What do you like to do when not playing for BTFC?

I like to spend time with my family, they sacrifice a lot for me to play Football as my work commitments take up a lot of my time as well.

Q You’re old enough to be a father to some of our players, how does it feel being one of the very few over 30s at the club?

On a personal note It’s actually good that I can still do it at my age. To play with the lads we have is an honour as some of them have a bright future ahead of them.

A message for the supporters.

Thank you for your continued support over recent years, we appreciate you supporting us home and away. Please may it continue and the support grows when we return.