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A game Buckley Town were reasonably comfortable in for the first 40 mins. Whilst they did not create any clear-cut chances, they had created several half chances, along with a couple of good passing moves that did not have the finish they deserved. Scott, Paul, Chiz, Joe and Rumsey all had sights at goal, with none really testing the Mold Alex keeper.

For 40 minutes Mold Ales had mainly resorted to kicking Buckley Town players and giving away a plethora of fouls which resulted in 3 of their players being shown yellow cards for persistent fouls. Buckley were poor from the resulting set pieces, really failing to take advantage of the numerous free kicks they had.

Despite shading the first half, without really doing anything to warrant taking the lead themselves, a mad 5 minutes from the 40th to the 45th minute saw Buckley Town go in 3-0 down.

Second half Buckley chased but again did not really do enough to get back into the game. The half passed by without any real action, Mold Alex broke away to get a 4th before Buckley Town really gave it a go.

With 15 minutes to go Buckley Town had the ball a good 6 yards over the line, with the keeper stood in the back of the net when he cleared it but the ref didn’t see it. A powerful Scott Davies header from one of the few set pieces Buckley got right gave Mold Alex a little scare but it was all too little too late.

At the end of the day, a fair result on the basis that Mold Alex took chances, battled harder and wanted it more than Buckley. Despite an OK first 40 minutes Buckley did not do enough during that period and whilst the last 15 mins was better, on the whole they did not do enough to really feel the result was unfair.

After the performance and result two weeks ago in the first Derby, this was a very disappointing and frustrating Derby day.


Date Time Season Full Time
1st September 2018 2:30 pm 2019 90'


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Buckley Town011
Mold Alex314

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