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Jeff Bradshaw has been involved with the club for over 50 years and one of the linchpins that have kept the club going over the years through all its trials and tribulations. From ground maintenance and grass cutting to the guy taking the money on the turnstile for many years, Jeff has done the lot at the club, even pulling on a shirt and playing on the odd occasion.

As the President of the club, he holds respect from all that know him and really does act as the glue that binds us all together.


  • The position of President is primarily an honorary position within the club and he acts as the clubs representative at internal and external functions.
  • He often acts as the glue that binds everyone together.
  • As a member of the committee, he contributes to policy creation.
  • He provides advice and assistance to the officers of the club as required.
  • As and when required he acts as chairman of the committee in the absence of the chairman.
  • He provides liaison and communication between the various sections of the club.
  • He acts as a member of any sub-committee if required.
  • He contributes to the general standard of the club and provides an understanding of the ethos and codes of conduct required.