In April 2019 the Supporters Association of Bangor City voted overwhelmingly to create a breakaway club in order to protect football in the city, given the recent history of the club under VSM (Vaughan Sports Management). They stated, “We want fans to reconnect with each other and restore the pride and feeling of being a supporter of our historic club. The new club is a creative and positive solution for an ever-changing and precarious situation. We are not disowning Bangor City FC or its history, the club is OURS, it belongs to the fans and local community. “Owners” will come and go but the people remain. Keep the faith.”

An application was submitted in May 2019 to the FAW to enter the new club in the Welsh football league system. In June it was confirmed that a Supporters’ trust was being set up and would start trading immediately after an application to the Financial Conduct Authority had been successfully made and approved.

Later that month, the name and crest of the new club, Clwb Pêl-Droed Bangor 1876 Football Club, was announced.

North Wales Coast West League Premier Division