Pen-Y-Pound Stadium

Football has been played at Pen-Y-Pound since around the 1930s. Stadium development including building a 250-seat stand and clubhouse were to be achieved by the first management committee led by local businessman Vince Sullivan. Unfortunately, the stand hasn’t been used since the League of Wales days in the early 1990s but the club is trying to get the stand reopened and used in the future.

In 1963 Pen-Y-Pound was used as a helicopter landing site for John Lennon. The Beatles were playing in the Town and Lennon had been in London making an appearance on the BBC television show Juke Box Jury. He landed in Abergavenny’s Pen-y-pound football ground at 9.50 pm and was driven straight to the Town Hall.

The ground has hosted a couple of Welsh Youth international matches during the years.

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