A game for head tennis enthusiasts as the ball was in the air more than it was on the deck as both sides tried to use the aerial to get behind each other’s defence.

Brickfield are most certainly the more physical of the two sides, hence the aerial game and for the first hour it looked likely that they would be the ones to open the scoring. So, it proved to be when Dale Davies fired home but not until well int the second half.

Buckley are a technically gifted side and the poor quality of the Brickfield pitch did not help with their more passing orientated game and was probably why they descended to match Brickfields tactics.

That said, the introduction of Adam Eden on for Shaun Tinsley 20 minutes from the end changed the course of the game. Eden immediately began to get at the Brickfield defence down the left flank and the game swung in Buckley’s favour. Brickfield seemed to tire in the heat and Buckley threw everything they had at Brickfield in search of an equaliser. Eventually it came when Aled Bellis found himself in on goal down the right flank and he fired it home with a sweet right foot strike past the Brickfield keeper seven minutes from time.

In terms of the league positions then nothing changed and Buckley remain two games clear with 4 games to play whilst Brickfield have five. The game advantage means Brickfield hold the cards but there is still a lot of football left to play and as we all know in football, anything can happen given they still have to play each other in Buckley final game of the season at The Globe on the 19th May.

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